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Workflow automation for the recruiter and mobile-apply for the candidate

  • 30-Second Mobile Apply
  • Automated Candidate Screening
  • Automated Interview Scheduling
  • Hire & Reject SMS Automation

There is a HUGE problem in recruiting!


Applying online in 2020 is the same experience as filling out a 1950s paper form. The digital job application itself is the whole point of your employer branding and traffic driving investments.


At KROW, we’ve assembled an AI A-Team to apply e-commerce UI/UX and engineering at YOUR point of conversion. Say hello to job applications tailored to your company’s culture and unique recruiting workflow.

The online application is where recruitment marketing efforts often die, but they don’t have to.

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Career Site





“Dumb,” one-sized fits all applications waste candidates and recruiters time.


Instead, KROW has rebuilt the entire apply process from the ground up. Collect only the info you need to make a hiring decision, only on candidates who are qualified for jobs, and only at an appropriate volume that you can reasonably interview.

Remarketing Opportunities with KROW

Capitalize on previous applicant investments you’ve already made by using KROW to refresh old candidate databases.

Have a bunch of outstanding openings and need a quick shot in the arm? KROW’s remarketing capabilities will fill up your pipeline in as little as a few days.

Because of our 30-second application:

4x the number of candidates

A typical application — like from your ATS — can take 23 minutes on average and converts only half the number of applicants as KROW.

Additionally, KROW also:

  • Improves recruitment marketing efforts
  • Delights candidates & improves brand perception
  • Speeds up times to screen and interview candidates
  • Reduces noise in your ATS
  • Uncovers opportunities in your existing talent pools
  • Fulfills technology’s promise of giving candidates & recruiters more time for meaningful interactions

We love the user interface and the fact our interview schedules have been automated. We’re having great conversations with the candidates who apply through KROW.

Head Recruitment Officer
National Brand

Solve the real problem in recruitment, which starts at the application, and your entire hiring process will get better.

KROW is Software With a Service from Bayard to apply our creative and innovative talents to design and build a better application for you. Your recruitment process influences the technology, not the other way around. And it’s affordable!

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About KROW

KROW employees are problem solvers at the forefront of HR technologies. This software has been designed and built — and can be customized — by innovation advisors to the Obama White House Cabinet, successful startups that have been acquired, and big tech veterans looking to improve the lives of job seekers and talent managers alike.

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